CLS Students Learn about STEM


On November 23, 2015, students in grades four through eight at Carroll Lutheran School witnessed a unique STEM presentation.  Professional land surveyor, Chas Langelan, who has had over forty years of experience in Maryland and the District of Columbia, shared his knowledge about surveying from a historical perspective and provided students with an opportunity to examine authentic surveying instruments.  Students who studied Colonial America and those who were interested in technology examined a sextant, transit, telescope, and compass.  They learned how early surveyors measured and recorded data.  Students chained a distance, too, as early surveyors did.  In contrast, Gary Ganjon, professional surveyor demonstrated how a surveyor today uses a robot to measure distances, turn angles, and record data.  Both professional surveyors commented on the importance of mathematical precision in their work and how knowledge of history, technology, math, science and law are important to them to do their jobs.

Carroll Lutheran School is a private Christian school serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade from families across the County and Pennsylvania.  Families looking for a quality education in a faith-based environment are encouraged to visit the school located at 1738 Old Taneytown Road in Westminster.