Even During COVID We Are #CLSStrong

What week are we on? It is easy to have them all run together these days. I feel like I’m taking a test that I didn’t study for.

Throughout all of this, I’ve had some time to really think about all of the little things that happen in 8th grade that my child will be missing. All of these little things add up and in her eyes, they are huge. Field trips, special projects that have been done to leave their legacy at CLS and even high school registration and tours. When I am tempted to remind her that there are bigger things going on right now, I try to remind myself that her loss and sacrifice is just as real and just as important to her.

My thoughts are also with all of the seniors who will be missing many of the things they have worked for through the years. Prom, senior trips, preparing for college and graduation. How will the coming weeks look? Will they walk across a stage with no one cheering? My heart breaks for them.

We, as a society, have spent a lot of time applauding all of the essential workers, teachers and even parents for stepping in and filling new roles as they help facilitate educating at home, while juggling jobs and an ever-changing life. I know as a healthcare worker, every comment has truly meant so much. It is amazing to see how much good can come out of tragedy. It gives us time to shine as God’s people.

With that said, I want to take a minute to applaud the little heroes that have often been overlooked in all of this. Our children. Especially our younger ones. These little ones have had their world turned completely upside down.

Some of the things they love, like sports, being with friends and going to school have been taken away from them. Some have been separated from family members for safety reasons. Some have parents who live in constant fear of bringing the virus home to their families. Some have seen their parents break down. They hear news that they don’t fully understand, yet know enough to see that things are different and scary. Their little minds must be racing.

So, here is to all of our little heroes. Let’s remember that they are making sacrifices too. Let’s find ways to show them that our Faith is bigger than our Fear. Let’s find ways to show our kids calmness, strength and laughter.

On the days where you feel like you have nothing left, show them that the world still sees them. Turn on one of the many story times with Mrs. Gilbart and others on the CLS Facebook page. Video chat with friends and family. Turn on some praise and worship music and sing and dance. It’s all about finding the calm in the storm.

If you need help, please reach out. Your CLS community is still here. In this changing world, some things still remain the same. God still is in control. Pause. Breathe. Cry if you must, but always remember that God holds us in the darkness too.