Foundations of Exceptional Education Are Everything

I love Spring! I love looking around and taking in the new life in God’s creation. Spring always reminds me that we can start over and be just as beautiful or even better than before. It is proof of God’s grace.

The current chaos in the world leads me to the book of Job in the bible. It tells of human suffering and influence of friends, not always good, and struggle of faith. It was written so long ago yet mirrors today in many ways.

I am not looking to wallow in sadness that is throughout the book of Job, rather I choose to focus on the growth of faith and unfailing trust. It shows that even when the worst happens, that God’s plan in perfect and we always have room to grow.

“For there is hope for a tree,
When it is cut down, that it will sprout again,
And its shoots will not fail.”
Job 14:7

My daughter attended CLS for 9 amazing years. We saw some growing pains along the way and sometimes wondered if the school would make it. Spoiler…it did!

Watching the incredible growth under the faith and care of the current administration is exciting. There are so many new families and even amongst the tragedy of COVID, the school has managed to continue to grow.

I must believe this is God’s plan. CLS is helping to create foundations in our children that they will continue to grow on and when it is their time, they will bloom and share what they have learned.

This year our daughter started her freshman year in public school. She struggled academically in middle school at CLS and barely hung on to Cs with an occasional B and even D., we were hoping for the best this year.

We have been blown away by her success. She had made the honor roll 3 quarters in a row and her teachers are always surprised when she knows something she should not yet. Guess where she learned that?

I am one proud mom, but that is not the reason I am mentioning this. Maybe your family is on the fence about re-enrollment, or maybe you know of a family that is contemplating private school. I want to tell you that we are personally seeing the fruits of CLS’s labor this year in a major way.

The education your children are receiving is far beyond what a lot of their peers are getting in other schools. That along with the love, care and teaching of God’s word is priceless.

Children truly grow at CLS.

~ Taryn