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Band and Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Updates for the 2020-2021 School Year

Current CDC guidelines do not allow for many musical activities such as singing and playing musical instruments. Equipment that used to be shared, such as keyboards, hand bells, boomwhackers, etc. would have to be stringently cleaned and disinfected in between classes. The principal and staff have discussed ways in which a music class would have to look and be very different this year, and the ways in which the safety restrictions would affect instrumental music as well. With the guidelines and current circumstances, there comes an opportunity to re-imagine what a performing arts/fine arts specials class could look like in the fall. In order to keep students safe but also actively engaged, we have employed many creative solutions in several areas, including specials.

Like so many other things, we are working diligently behind the scenes to create a plan and continue to change as guidelines change. Our primary goal is to have students learning and participating safely on campus in September. We will have creative, flexible ways to make sure that students receive excellent instruction in ways that protect the safety of our school community.

What if I play the piano?

Since piano lessons will not be available at CLS, piano students are encouraged to seek private lessons from a professional piano teacher. Both Coffey Music and Menchey Music have several piano teachers who offer lessons in the Westminster area and would be great places to begin your search for a teacher. If your child plays the piano and would like to take part in the band, we would love to have them! Piano players often make excellent bell players and can pick up other instruments easily since they already know how to read music.