Exceptional Education, Formed in Faith

Mission and Philosophy


Exceptional Education, Formed in Faith


The central purpose and goal of Carroll Lutheran School (CLS) is to provide a quality education where the love of Christ sets the tone to develop, cultivate, and nurture all aspects of learning, including spiritual, academic and social. We strive, with God’s blessing, to support students to achieve their maximum potential so they will make morality, mutual respect and knowledge of right and wrong an integral part of their everyday lives. We believe that a good school fosters an atmosphere of love as well as learning. We strive to ensure that Carroll Lutheran School is such a school.

We provide a proven and accredited academic curriculum supplemented with activities that support and challenge learners.  Each student is valued as a unique individual and as a child of God. A top priority is placed on recognizing and respecting learning differences among students.  Our staff not only teaches using up-to-date learning strategies and curriculum, but guides students to achieve attitudes of self-confidence, discipline, and responsibility while serving as role models for their students.

Our school will be diligent when it comes to innovations in education, studying and evaluating trends and implementing changes where needed in curriculum and resources. We provide structure in reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and faith studies as well as art, general and instrumental music, physical education, health, and media services.

Our school and faculty have a family ministry as part of its mission. We endeavor to foster the relationship between church, school, and home by providing many and varied opportunities for family and community partnerships.