Exceptional Education, Formed in Faith


Academic Support

Carroll Lutheran School has a full-time Special Educator/Reading Specialist on staff. Her role is to assist the teachers in meeting the instructional needs of the students and to work directly with students who need intervention services. She assesses students, as appropriate, to collect data to recommend placement for reading groups. In addition, she interfaces with the public schools and supports families as an advocate during the special education process.

Accelerated Learning

Carroll Lutheran School meets the needs of our gifted and talented students in a variety of ways:

  • Early admittance to Kindergarten
    Normally, children must be 5 years of age by Sept. 1 in order to enter a kindergarten program in the state of Maryland.  However, a 4-year-old who turns 5 between Sept. 2 and Dec. 31 may qualify for early admittance if they demonstrate the necessary academic skills and maturation.
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Children in the lower elementary grades are placed in differentiated reading and math groups so that students are continually challenged, but not frustrated. Multiage groupings allow students to learn at a pace appropriate for them.
  • Enrichment
    Children who exhibit strong ability and interest in content areas are provided opportunities to extend their learning through advanced instruction.
  • Accelerated Learning
    Students who have mastered the skills at their grade level may move to the next grade to receive instruction (content acceleration) in a particular subject. They return to their age-appropriate grade for the rest of their schedule. Other times, content acceleration is available in their regular classroom.
  • Advanced Academic Placement
    Middle school students may also qualify for high school credited classes in English
    and/or Algebra I.