Exceptional Education, Formed in Faith

Service and Character


At Carroll Lutheran School (CLS), the idea of service to others is central to our mission and philosophy. Therefore, service-oriented learning is incorporated whenever possible and at every grade-level, whether the children are writing letters, donating to Shepherd’s Staff, singing carols at Carroll Lutheran Village, Volunteering at CLS or in the greater community.

Students in grades 6-8 are presented with many opportunities to accumulate formal service learning hours, much like their public school counterparts. These hours are counted towards the Maryland high school graduation requirements.

Character Traits

CLS Students are introduced to positive character traits and the Fruit of the Spirit through Chapel Services and classroom Faith Studies lessons. Additional encouragement and guidance comes through morning announcements, which includes prayer and Words of wisdom which start the school day with a focus on demonstrating kindness, self-control, and respect.

Recognition that students have internalized these traits is both formal and informal and varies by classroom. Throughout the school, students, and staff found to exhibit good character and behavior in line with the Fruit of the Spirit and are recognized in morning announcements. Evidence of daily kindnesses accumulate rapidly in our main hallway and serve as constant reminder for all!