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Family Referral Program

Share the Magic of CLS with Friends and Earn Tuition Credits for YOUR Family!

This program is simple.  For existing CLS families only, if you refer new families to the school and their child(ren) enroll, you will receive a $500 tuition credit for each and every new child who enrolls!  That’s right!  Refer a family of 3, and you will earn $1500 in tuition credits! 

Below you will find a few documents that are all that you need in order to enroll.  Even if you don’t have any families that you know at this moment, please complete the enrollment and return it.  That way, if you refer a family later or a family lists your name, you are already set up and covered.

Here is a quick overview of documents and a few frequently asked questions:

Referral Program Enrollment Form (click to download)

This is the form that you MUST complete in order to be a part of the program.  As noted, even if you don’t think you will refer someone now, fill it out and that way you are covered if you do so in the future.  Who knows, a family might indicate you without your knowledge.

Frequent Questions

How to Refer a Family

Tell your friends to indicate your name on the registration form. During the online registration process, there is a place for all new families to note how they heard about the school.  This is where the family will enter your family’s name. The family MUST enter your family’s name when completing the registration form in order for you to receive credits.

What if I have Questions?

No problem, contact me by phone to 410-848-1050 or by email to [email protected]

When Can I Start Referring Families?

As soon as you complete the referral program registration form (attached) and send it back to the school, you can start referring families. Also, please invite the new families to visit us during our upcoming Open Houses!

Can I Refer a Former Family or a new Child of an Existing Family?

The referral program only applies to children of new families to CLS.

We are very excited about this program because everyone benefits!  After all, there is no easier way to lower your tuition than by sharing the good news of Carroll Lutheran School with others!