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Before and After School Care

CLS offers on site before and after school child care. Our Before and After Care Program is licensed through the Office of Child Care.

The program is provided by Jennifer Glantzberg and Linda Frick who have run a before and after care program for over six years.

There are before and after care options available, as well as a Drop In option for those who may need it on individual days.

Before and After Care Fee Schedule 2022-2023

Each day at dismissal, students will be dismissed to the cafeteria. They will have a snack and complete the day’s homework. Snack will be provided for the students. Jen and Linda will assist the students with their work and ensure that their homework is complete each afternoon. Please be sure that you review your child’s work and sign their folders if required. Once homework is completed, there will be a variety of activities provided for the students, including outdoor play, games, crafts and time in the gym as available.

A few important points are as follows:

  • We will not be charging a yearly registration fee as some other centers do.
  • A copy of the pamphlet “A Parent’s Guide to Regulated Child Care” and the Health Inventory form MUST be completed and received by us to keep on file before any child can participate in the childcare program.  This is a regulation put in place by the Office of Child Care and we must be compliant.  We would like to have these forms on file for all CLS students in the event that a child must come to care on an unscheduled day.  Even if you do not plan to use the Child Care program, having forms on file will give you the support if there is an unexpected emergency.  In addition, to the above-mentioned forms, there will also be an enrollment contract that must be completed.

If we do not answer the school’s phone in the cafeteria, you may reach us on our cell phones.  We always have them on us.

Jen 410-751-9216

Linda 410-409-4998

Enrollment Contract 2022-2023

A Parent’s Guide to Regulated Child Care Form