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CLS Alumni Picnic – August, 2017

Over 50 alumni, former students, parents, and, current and former teachers/staff were able to attend the 1st annual CLS Alumni Picnic held in August, 2017. Everyone had a great time re-connecting and catching up with friends, former classmates, and teachers. The CLS Family Partnership Program provided fried chicken with attendees bringing other food to share. A celebratory cake was provided by the Development Office of CLS!

Alumni had the chance to look at the ceiling tiles that they each made during their 8th grade years, which, of course, brought back many memories of wonderful times at CLS!

The event concluded with an impromptu game of dodgeball in the gym, with some of the parents participating, too!

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Carroll Lutheran School Graduate Receives McDonogh Award

Wendy Folfas, a 2010 graduate of the Kindergarten to Grade 8 program at Carroll Lutheran School, recently received The Compassion Cup Award upon graduating high school from McDonogh School in Owings Mills. When their daughter received the surprise award, Jayme Folfas said to her husband John, “That was the Carroll Lutheran School upbringing and influence.”

The Compassion Cup at McDonogh is awarded “to that student in the senior class who has shown the greatest tendency toward the rarest of human virtues, compassion; a student who has the gift of understanding and sympathy for the problems of others.” While athletic and academic awards are common, John Folfas said that it is “unusual to hear about a compassion and kindness award.”

The teachers at McDonogh actually choose the students who receive the awards. Having worked with Wendy on leadership projects at McDonogh, her history teacher and now Director of Religious Studies Bridget Collins said that the Compassion Cup “is one of the nicest awards we give,” with Wendy exhibiting the most empathy for fellow students.

When asked what she did to deserve the McDonogh award, Wendy said simply that she is a friendly, open and approachable person and is kind to everyone. Jayme Folfas said that her daughter observed “the staff at Carroll Lutheran School modeling and teaching compassion and kindness and values every day of her K to 8 education. They not only taught academics—they taught about life.” And John Folfas echoed those same sentiments: “Carroll Lutheran School is a place where honor, integrity and respect are stressed.”

Paying tribute to the personalized and faith-based education she received at Carroll Lutheran School, Wendy Folfas said, “I would like everyone to have the experience I had at CLS; it prepared me well.”

From 2007, Carroll Lutheran School has had 41 graduates from our 8th grade. Following are a few statistics about our alumni.

  • 35 students have gone on to a public high school
  • 2 have gone on to a local private school
  • 4 have gone on to other private schools (McDonogh, Mt. St. Josephs, DeLone and Calvert Hall)
  • 1 is president of her school’s Key Club
  • 28 regularly make the Honor Roll, usually with all A’s
  • 1 participates in a Career Connections Program
  • 23 take Honors classes or Advanced Placement classes or college classes while in High School
  • 4 play an instrument
  • 10 play sports

We are very proud of how these well-rounded graduates are achieving success in high school!