Exceptional Education, Formed in Faith


Proven, Exceptional Academic Results

CLS offers a traditional educational experience in a loving and faith-based setting for grades K – 8. 

Outstanding Academic Facts

30% (nearly 1 in 3) of our students scored at or above the 90th percentile in reading

30% (nearly 1 in 3) of our students scored at or above the 90th percentile in math

Why CLS?

Carroll Lutheran School is a private school where rigorous academics are complemented by the Faith Studies curriculum and a focus on character development and community service. All CLS teachers are certified by the Maryland Department of Education and are fully prepared to provide the best possible education to every student. CLS does not participate in high-stakes testing and does not use common core curriculum. Parents and families are welcome to participate and volunteer as part of the overall school community. Class sizes are limited allowing for highly personalized, individual attention for each student. CLS is currently enrolling in all grades and offers scholarship and financial aid opportunities. CLS welcomes all who are interested in learning more to schedule a private tour at a time that fits in their schedule.

What Sets CLS Apart?


High Quality Academics

As a school, we believe that maintaining exceptional education and high academic standards is our primary job.


MSDE Certified Staff

The highly qualified staff is essential to our mission to maintain strong academic rigor in the education delivered by CLS.


Faith Supported Education with Broad and Complete Academic Curriculum

We love God and as we work hard to academically prepare children for their future we ensure that faith is part of our everyday decision making, focusing on love and respect for each other.


Focus on Higher Level Thinking: Learn. Apply. Do. Teach. Lead.

At CLS we teach children how to research, gather and take in information they learn at school and apply that information in their decision making. We focus on connecting academics to the real world. We teach students to know what to do with the information, not just how to recall it.


Differentiated Instruction

At CLS, we meet the child where they are when it comes to their academic level. We strive to get the students the exact level of challenge or support they need. It’s not one size fits all, it’s “this child’s education fits this child’s needs.” Think of it as a one to one match of the child’s need and the level of academics appropriate to that need.


Leadership Development Begins Day 1

While we focus heavily on leadership development in middle school, the foundation begins on day 1. We teach public speaking and leadership foundational skills early so that they can be built upon as our students progress through the grades. We see our job as preparing our students to be the leaders in high school, college and in life. Through mentorship, leadership, and development of self-esteem, our students are naturally comfortable in making good decisions based on the assessment of information and how it impacts others.


Implementing 504 Plans and IEPs With Complete Fidelity

We are the only private school in the area that can implement 504 Plans and IEPs with complete fidelity. Services to support these plans include a certified special educator, testing accommodations with scribes/readers and support at each phase of the educational journey. We work closely with our public school counterparts to ensure that progress is on track and accountable.


Community Care and Service as a Core Value

We make service to the community and to others a core value in education and life decision making. We teach children to ask “How does this help others?” “How does this tie to scripture?” We build the key pillars of faith into the process of education to create respectful, well rounded and well-prepared students for the next phase of life.