CLS Computer Coding Club Is to Compete in the Cyber-Robotics Coding Competition Finals

The 2018-2019 academic school year began with some exciting new learning opportunities open to all CLS students. In addition to instrumental music lessons, students could choose to participate in the Soccer Club, Lego Club, Spanish Language Club, Lacrosse Club, and Computer Coding Club.

For the first time, our middle school students had a wonderful opportunity to enroll in a new after-school “Computer Coding Club” lead by CLS middle school math teacher, Mr. Jeffrey Kane. One of the objectives of the Computer Coding Club was to participate in this year’s Cyber-Robotics Coding Competition. The Cyber-Robotics Coding Competition is a STEM, coding, and tech literacy experience in which students work with a virtual robot by creating a computer program for it on the school Chromebooks. The students enrolled in the club were using the challenges put out by the CRCC to create programs with drag-and-drop Blockly programming. Once students were set up in the program, they were working with their virtual robot both in and out of club time learning to solve problems and discover concepts at their individual pace.

In the past two weeks, CLS Computer Coding Club participated in the qualifiers for the Cyber-Robotics Coding Competition. The students worked to earn as many points as possible through 20 missions by creating code to utilize many different sensors and tools of their virtual robots. As the qualifiers closed, CLS had the second highest average score in the state of Maryland! As a result, CLS has received an invitation to compete in the finals at the Universities at Shady Grove on December 8th.

Congratulations CLS Computer Coding participants! We have amazing STEM students at CLS!