Consignment 2016 was a huge success

This year’s consignment sale had an excellent turnout and was a huge success. With a great amount of help, we were able to raise a little over $9,000.00 in net profit for the school! This Consignment Sale was more than just a way for us to raise much-needed money for our school, it was also a way for us to give back to others.

Furthermore, all of the items that were left over after the Half Price sale were donated to Second Chances. This is a local organization operated by HSP (Human Services Program) that helps those in shelter to find housing and get much-needed supplies, clothing, furniture household items etc. Donations included: over 30 bags of clothing, shoes, jackets, books and toys. In addition to this, a donation of several boxes of books was made to Glyndon Elementary School for their Book Fair. About 50 % of their student population are not able to purchase books at the Book Fair. As a result, every child will now be able to pick out a free book at the Book Fair so that no child will leave without a book.

Also, as a result, 6 ladies from the Alpha Pregnancy Center in Reisterstown, MD, were given much-needed supplies for their babies and young children. These ladies were able to come “shop” during our half-price sale for any items free of charge. The subsequent thank you from one of the ladies exclaimed: “Thank you for allowing me to attend the Consignment Sale event over the weekend. We really appreciated all the nice and wonderful clothes my son was able to get at the event. This was the first time I have ever been able to shop without worrying about the price of an item. I really enjoyed myself and appreciate it.” Additionally, wonderful feedback from our other shoppers: “The volunteers, adults, and children, were so helpful! They really went above and beyond to make the experience more manageable.” “Very Friendly and Helpful!!!” “An amazing shopping experience!! Helpful & friendly all the way!”