Open Enrollment for the 2021/2022 School Year

The past year has been challenging, to say the least, but I am not surprised at the way that CLS has continued to shine though it all.

With enrollment open for the next school year, it is the perfect time to remember what CLS is all about.

Every staff member at CLS has a love for teaching and it shows in their dedication to adapt and overcome the challenges of the pandemic so that each student is valued as a unique individual and as a child of God, all while providing a loving and safe place for them to learn.

The students and their families have shown such flexibility and unity this past year and should be an example to other schools who weren’t sure it could be done.

What you won’t find at CLS:

  • Common Core.
  • Teaching around state tests.
  • Disrespectful behavior.
  • Tired teachers who have lost their passion for teaching.
  • Disgruntled parents who feel their voices aren’t heard.
  • Kids who are lost in the numbers.

What you will find at CLS:

  • A school that complies with health department regulations to help ensure the safety of your children during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Accredited academic curriculum.
  • Tailored teaching to support and challenge each learner.
  • Limited class size.
  • Certified Special Education Specialist.
  • Before and After care with dedicated and loving staff.
  • Respect among students and staff.
  • Happy kids who are excited to go to school.
  • Welcoming environment for parents and grandparents to be involved.
  • Older children guiding and nurturing younger students.
  • Community outreach.
  • Faith-based teaching in an environment where the love of Christ is font and center.

Schedule a tour today and come see the difference an exceptional education can make at CLS!