Women learn self-defense techniques at Carroll Lutheran School

On Friday, March 11, 2016 Carroll Lutheran School was hosting a Women’s Self Defense class, in which students — from middle-schoolers to adults — learned tips and tricks on how to stay safe, establish boundaries, and protect themselves.

Joe Dressel, a fourth-degree black belt in Hapkido and the owner of Hanover Boxing Club in Hanover, Pennsylvania said the skills he is teaching are not intended to teach women how to survive an extended fight or a boxing match, but rather to provide the tools they need to do damage and escape.

Skills taught included learning a proper protective stance, with the power foot stepped back, allowing for added maneuverability; how to bypass someone’s arms in a protective stance; and how to throw your elbows into the vulnerable parts of your attacker’s skull.

Andrew Dean, president of the school’s Family Partnership Program, said that this was as much of a social event as anything else. Something that women in the community can do together. Mothers and daughters, or girlfriends can come out together, and have fun.

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